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Bishop Rotary began as Franco Vescovi's vision in 2009 to improve upon traditional tattooing equipment. Vescovi, dissatisfied with the limitations of coil machines, aimed to create machines that were efficient, powerful, and consistent. The result was a handcrafted marvel, assembled in Orange County, California, with every component sourced from the U.S.A. Bishop Rotary machines are renowned for their lightweight, balanced design, reducing hand strain and allowing artists to work longer without discomfort.

These machines feature Swiss-made Maxon motors, ensuring precise and consistent needle movement. They are designed for versatility, allowing artists to adjust settings for lining or shading as needed. Despite the high-tech specifications, Bishop Rotary promotes a natural feel through "organic give," encouraging artists to adapt to the machine's feedback for optimal artistry.

Bishop Rotary not only revolutionized tattoo machines with their design but also supports artists with a lifetime warranty on the machine frames and a one-year warranty on parts. This commitment to quality and artist support underlines Bishop Rotary's role in advancing tattoo artistry