By Bishop Rotary

Bishop Rotary V6 Tattoo Machine

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Colour: Black
Type: RCA Cord
Black variant of Bishop Rotary's V6 tattoo machine
Regular price £399.00 GBP
Regular price £479.00 GBP £399.00 GBP

The Bishop V6 by Bishop Rotary is the ideal tattoo machine for artists transitioning from coil to rotary, especially those who favor a backweighted design. Its special ergonomic build enhances balance by shifting the backweight forward, making it comfortable for prolonged use. This machine is compatible with both traditional needles and tubes, as well as cartridges, thanks to the included plunger bars, offering great flexibility in your tattooing approach.

Constructed with precision, the V6 boasts parts made in the USA, except for its heart: a custom-designed Namiki precision Japanese motor. Crafted from aircraft aluminum using advanced 5-axis Kitamura CNC machines in an ISO 9000 certified facility in California, the machine is finished with a hand polish for a mirror shine and anodized to meet the highest industry standards.

The V6 features perfect linear driven motion for unmatched accuracy and a powerful motor suitable for a variety of tattooing styles. Its innovative double needle clip system secures the needle in place without the need for rubber bands, eliminating unwanted needle movement and facilitating attention to ultra-fine details.

Like all Bishop machines, the V6 is not autoclavable. To maintain its integrity and warranty, cold sterilization methods with germicidal agents such as Madacide are recommended, along with proper wrapping and bagging of the equipment before use. This focus on hygiene complements the V6's design and performance, making it a standout choice for professional tattoo artists.