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Bishop Rotary Power WAND

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Colour: Black
Style: Liner
Liner variant of Bishop Rotary's Power WAND
Regular price £799.00 GBP
Regular price £959.00 GBP £799.00 GBP

Introducing the Bishop Rotary Power WAND, a groundbreaking addition to the Bishop WAND series, now featuring an innovative magnetic backplate. This new feature allows the seamless attachment of Bishop x Critical Battery Packs, ensuring they sit perfectly flush with the machine.

For artists who prioritize a lightweight setup, pairing the Power WAND with the Shorty battery transforms it into the lightest tattoo machine currently on the market, at just 4.4 inches long and weighing 5.2 ounces.

Compatibility is a key feature of the Power WAND, as it integrates effortlessly with all Critical Connect firmware and hardware, including the versatile Critical Connect Footswitch. The magnetic backplate not only enhances the machine's design but also offers practical benefits, such as 360-degree battery positioning and the ability to quickly and easily change batteries.

The package includes the Power WAND and one Power WAND RCA Adapter, with the flexibility to purchase additional batteries and accessories as needed. As with all Bishop machines, such as the Bishop WAND Packer and Bishop WAND Liner, it's important to remember that the Power WAND is not autoclavable. To maintain the machine's integrity and your warranty, we recommend using cold sterilization techniques and properly wrapping and bagging the equipment before use.

What sets the Power WAND apart, aside from its compatibility with Bishop x Critical Battery Packs, is its newly engraved spline and the patent-pending magnetic backplate. These features not only elevate the machine's functional aspects but also its aesthetic appeal, making the Bishop Power WAND a top choice for tattoo artists looking for precision, flexibility, and style.