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TATSoul X Portable Table

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Black TATSoul X Portable Table
Regular price £749.00 GBP
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The TATSoul X Portable Table stands out as a bestseller, uniquely crafted for tattoo artists' needs. Developed in collaboration with Artist Mickey Ratt, this table is the perfect companion for the on-the-go artist, proving itself indispensable at conventions, during travel, or within the confines of small studio spaces. Its design ensures client comfort, providing the artist with unparalleled versatility and reliability.

A standout feature is its dolly function, which, thanks to six heavy-duty casters, can support and transport up to 300 lbs, transforming the table beyond its conventional use. It cleverly folds in half to a compact size of 27"L x 26"W x 10"D for easy storage and mobility. The retractable support bars offer multifunctional use as leg, straddle, and arm rests, or even as a secondary backrest and dolly pulley arm, adapting to various tattooing needs.

For convenience and hygiene, the padding is removable, facilitating easy cleaning or converting it to a hard surface when in the dolly position. It comes with a heavy-duty canvas backpack equipped with straps and handles, simplifying transportation. With a robust 400 lb. weight capacity in its table/chair configuration and upholstered in durable PVC vinyl, the TATSoul X Portable Table marries strength, flexibility, and ease of use in one innovative package.

Key Features

  • Designed with tattoo artists in mind for maximum versatility.
  • Dolly feature with a 300 lb. rolling capacity.
  • Folds to a compact size for easy transport and storage.
  • Retractable support bars for various rest positions.
  • Removable padding for easy cleaning and a dual-purpose surface.
  • Heavy-duty canvas backpack for effortless carrying.
  • 400 lb. weight capacity, upholstered in PVC vinyl.


  • Height: 24" to 33"
  • Back rest adjustment from 0° flat to 85° incline upward
  • 6 heavy duty caster wheels (2 lockable)
  • Heavy duty canvas bag backpack
  • Rolling Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Table Capacity: 400 lbs

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 24" to 33"
  • Width: 24"
  • Length: 50" to 75"
  • Cushion Thickness: 1.5"
  • Folded Dimensions: 27" x 26" x 10" (L x W x D)
  • Weight: 59.52 lbs

All heights measured from floor to top of seat cushion

Shipping Dimensions

Package A: 29" x 13" x 29" (L x W x H)


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