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TATSoul Pylon Arm Rest

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Colour: Black
TATSoul Black Pylon Tattoo Arm Rest
Regular price £299.00 GBP
Regular price £359.00 GBP £299.00 GBP

The Pylon Arm Rest from TATSoul is a testament to innovation and practical design in tattoo equipment. It boasts a sturdy steel construction paired with a ball-mounted rest cushion, offering unmatched ease in height and swivel adjustments. This arm rest is designed for stability and functionality with its compact tripod base, which not only ensures a stable platform but also includes grip tape on each leg for additional convenience as footrests for the artist.

A standout feature of the Pylon Arm Rest is the patent-pending Hemi-Lock™ Height Adjustment system, enabling quick and secure changes between height settings. The ability to easily disassemble the arm rest for transportation, along with the inclusion of a duffle bag carrying case, makes it an ideal choice for artists on the go. The 360° ball-mounted cushion and the single lever-tool for cushion re-positioning or removal highlight TATSoul's commitment to providing practical, user-friendly solutions.

Key Features

  • Robust steel construction with a 360° swivel cushion for flexible adjustments.
  • Compact and stable tripod base with grip tape footrests.
  • Patent-pending Hemi-Lock™ Height Adjustment for easy height changes.
  • Easily disassembled for transport, including a duffle bag for convenience.
  • Designed for both stability and comfort, enhancing the tattooing experience.


  • Height Range: 24" to 36.5"
  • Cushion Length: 17"
  • Cushion Width: 7"
  • Cushion Thickness: 2.5"
  • Weight: 14 lb

Shipping Dimensions

  • Package: 28" x 11" x 11"


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