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TATSoul Oros Link Arm Rest

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Colour: Black
TATSoul Black Oros Link Arm Rest
Regular price £379.00 GBP
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The TATSoul Oros Link Armrest isn't just any armrest—it's a versatile masterpiece designed to elevate the tattooing experience for artists and clients alike. Compatible with all TATSoul client chairs and beds, this modular accessory embodies flexibility and comfort. Its standout feature is the infinite adjustability, courtesy of a 360° ball mount and a wide foam cushion, ensuring every client finds their sweet spot with ease. The genius of the Oros Link lies in its simplicity—a straightforward pin system lets artists swiftly switch the armrest from one side of the chair to the other, adapting to each client's needs without fuss.

But that's not all. The adjustable hand grip introduces an extra layer of comfort for clients and a new level of versatility for artists, especially for those intricate hand and knuckle tattoos. Whether the client is sitting upright or lying flat, this armrest adjusts to every angle, thanks to its full versatility with slide and lock mechanisms. Designed to fit seamlessly with all TATSoul Client Chairs, the Oros Link Armrest is the definition of enhancing the tattoo experience through innovation.

Key Features

  • Modular design compatible with all TATSoul client chairs and beds.
  • Infinite adjustability with a 360° ball mount for ultimate client comfort.
  • Wide foam cushion offers a spacious surface for any tattoo work.
  • Simple pin system for easy transfer to either side of the chair.
  • Adjustable hand grip for enhanced client comfort and artist versatility.
  • Full versatility with slide and lock for use in any position, including fully lay-flat.

Compatible with the following TATSoul client chairs:

  • 680 Oros
  • 570
  • 370
  • 300 Slim
  • Hydraulic Pro Series
  • Hydraulic Pro Lite


  • Cushion size 18" x 9" x 3"
  • Height range: 24" to 40"
  • Weight: 16 lb


Manual for Oros Link Arm Rest