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TATSoul Protective Cover for 300 Slim Client Chair

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Protective cover for TATSoul 300 Slim tattoo client chair
Regular price £129.00 GBP
Regular price £159.00 GBP £129.00 GBP

The Protective Cover for the 300 Slim Client Chair is specifically designed to safeguard your chair against the everyday demands of a busy tattoo studio. This durable cover is tailored to fit the unique contours of the 300 Slim Client Chair, ensuring a snug and secure fit that doesn't compromise on style or functionality. Made from a robust material, it effectively shields your chair from ink spills, dust, and wear, extending the lifespan of your investment. The cover's design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your studio remains hygienic and your chair looks as good as new. Its easy installation means you can protect your chair quickly and efficiently, keeping your focus on your art.

Key Features

  • Custom fit for the 300 Slim Client Chair.
  • Made from durable, easy-to-clean material.
  • Protects against ink spills, dust, and wear.
  • Designed for easy installation and maintenance.