By Kuro Sumi

Kuro Sumi Zhang Po Shading Set 4x6oz

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Colour: Grey
4 Kuro Sumi's Grey Wash Shading bottles lined up side by side
Regular price £69.00 GBP
Regular price £89.00 GBP £69.00 GBP

The Kuro Sumi Zhang Po Shading Set offers an unmatched collection of greywash tones, meticulously crafted from vegan-friendly ingredients and inspired by the richness of ancient art. This set features over 59 ultra-concentrated colours, ensuring the superior quality your artwork deserves. Included in this exclusive set are four 6oz bottles, each offering a unique shade for a broad spectrum of shading needs: Devil Black for deep, intense shadows, Zhang Po Sinner Greywash (Dark) for rich, dynamic contours, Zhang Po Saint Greywash (Midtone) for balanced gradients, and Zhang Po Angel Greywash (Light) for delicate highlights and textures.

Designed for immediate use straight from the bottle, these inks are ideal for photo-realism and portrait work, allowing for an impressive range of depth and detail. Kuro Sumi sets the standard in the tattooing industry, not just for the vibrancy and quality of its colours but also for its unwavering commitment to safety.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive set of four greywash tones.
  • Ready-to-use straight from the bottle.
  • Perfect for photo-realism and portrait work.
  • Vegan-friendly and made with the highest quality ingredients.
  • Unmatched commitment to safety and quality in the tattoo industry.