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Intenze Grey Wash Light Ink 1oz

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Colour: Grey
Size: 1oz
1oz bottle of Intenze's Grey Wash Light tattoo ink
Regular price £15.50 GBP
Regular price £19.50 GBP £15.50 GBP

Intenze's Grey Wash Light ink is a whisper of shadow and subtlety, perfect for artists who excel in creating delicate shading and soft, ethereal effects in their tattoo work. This light grey shade is indispensable for achieving the finest gradients and the most gentle transitions, allowing for a depth of realism and detail that breathes life into each piece. Whether adding a soft touch to portraits, landscapes, or intricate designs, Grey Wash Light ensures your work carries a sense of airiness and precision.

Manufactured in the USA, adhering to the exacting ISO 9001/2005 and ISO 22716 standards, this ink is a testament to Intenze’s dedication to quality. True to the brand's principles, Grey Wash Light is vegan and cruelty-free, offering artists a way to create stunning, ethically-minded art.

REACH Certificates

Key Features

  • Light grey shade for delicate shading and soft effects.
  • Essential for achieving fine gradients and gentle transitions.
  • Made in the USA, meeting high ISO quality and safety standards.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with ethical artistic values.