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Intenze Bowery Ink Set 8x1oz inks

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8 Bottles of Intenze's Bowery Tattoo Ink Set lined up
Regular price £119.00 GBP
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The Bowery Ink Set, curated by tattoo legend Bowery Stan Moskowitz, is a tribute to the authentic hues of historical tattooing on the Bowery. This exclusive 8-color pigment set replicates the exact colors used by Stan Moskowitz, a figure deeply rooted in the heritage of American tattooing. Born to Sailor Willie Moskowitz, who apprenticed under the iconic Charlie Wagner, Stan began his tattooing journey at a tender age, deeply influenced by the legends of the craft. By the age of 14, he was tattooing full-time, carrying forward the legacy and traditions of those who came before him.

The colors in this set are not just pigments; they are a piece of tattoo history, carefully matched to represent the true essence of Old School style tattooing as practiced on the Bowery. For artists passionate about capturing the spirit and authenticity of classic tattoo art, the Bowery Ink Set offers an unparalleled connection to the roots of the craft. This collection is more than just ink; it's Stan's homage to his father, to Jonesy, and to the traditions that have shaped the world of tattooing. Using these colors means embracing the legacy of some of the greatest names in tattoo history and committing to the purity of Old School tattoo art.

Proudly made in the USA within ISO 9001/2005 and ISO 22716 certified facilities, it reflects Intenze's commitment to the highest standards of quality, ethical, and sustainable tattooing practices

Key Features

  • 8-color set matched by Bowery Stan Moskowitz.
  • Authentic hues used in historical Bowery tattooing.
  • Ideal for artists dedicated to real Old School style tattoos.
  • A tribute to the legacy of Sailor Willie Moskowitz and Charlie Wagner.
  • Supports traditional tattooing practices and history.