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Intenze Alex De Pase Ink Set 6x1oz

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6 Bottles of Intenze's Alex De Pase tattoo ink set lined up
Regular price £89.00 GBP
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The Alex De Pase 6 Bottle Set, in collaboration with INTENZE, brings the expertise of world-renowned tattoo artist Alex De Pase right to your studio. Known for his mastery in color portrait tattooing, Alex De Pase has meticulously selected and developed this Advanced Fleshtone Series to share his unique ink strategy and color process. This specially curated set includes six essential shades designed to achieve realistic and dynamic flesh tones in portrait work:

  • Mattone: A rich, earthy red, perfect for adding warmth and depth.
  • Ombra: A deep, shadowy hue for creating contrast and adding dimension.
  • Pelle: A light, natural skin tone that provides a base for building complexions.
  • Tufo: A versatile grey, ideal for underpainting and adjusting tones.
  • Magenta: A vibrant pinkish-purple, adding life and vibrancy to flesh tones.
  • Terra Di Sienna: A warm, golden brown for mid-tones and shading.

This set is not just a collection of colors but a comprehensive tool for artists aiming to elevate their portrait tattoos to a new level of realism and depth. Each color has been formulated with the artist in mind, ensuring ease of blending and optimal consistency for needle application. Whether you're a seasoned professional or aspiring to refine your color work, the Alex De Pase Advanced Fleshtone Series is designed to enhance your palette and expand your capabilities in creating lifelike portraits.

Proudly made in the USA within ISO 9001/2005 and ISO 22716 certified facilities, it reflects Intenze's commitment to the highest standards of quality, ethical, and sustainable tattooing practices.

Key Features

  • Six meticulously selected shades for realistic flesh tones.
  • Developed in collaboration with portrait master Alex De Pase.
  • Ideal for artists specializing in color portraits.
  • Formulated for easy blending and optimal needle application.
  • Versatile colors that can be mixed for custom shades.