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InkMachines Scorpion X2

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Colour: Green
Aluminium grip: 30mm
Tool-kit for conversion to Neo-Cartridges: No

Introducing the Scorpion X2: a pinnacle in tattoo machine innovation, designed with unparalleled compatibility and control. Featuring an enhanced Swiss motor, this machine redefines performance and resilience, now enhanced by its seamless compatibility with the X2 Powerpack. Its LED illumination reflects operational status, while fortified drive magnets ensure rapid saturation. Meticulously refined components guarantee unwavering reliability without compromise.

Adaptability is key - effortlessly switch between Neo or standard cartridges. Opt for disposable or one-piece grips, tailored to your preference. Neo cartridges, with their secure magnetic drive system, promote gentle skin contact, aiding swift healing without leaks or membranes. Prioritizing hygiene and precision, the Scorpion X2 ensures an unparalleled tattooing experience, inviting you to elevate your artistry effortlessly.

Furthermore, the Scorpion X2 offers enhanced control through a smartphone app, allowing you to effortlessly track and control your tattoo machine's settings and performance, ensuring a personalized and efficient tattooing process.

Key Features

  • Ultra-Low Vibrations
  • Smooth Non-Contact Magnetic Drive System
  • Minimal Skin Impact
  • Rapid Saturation Capability
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Interchangeable Drive Magnets (Soft or Hard Hit)
  • Superior Cross-Contamination Safety
  • Compatible with Standard Power Supplies (0-12V)
  • Wireless Ready Functionality
  • Availability of Disposable Grips
  • Integrated Status Indicator Light
  • Compatible with Bayonet Mounted Grips


  • Input Voltage: 0-12V DC
  • Power Connections: Powerpack/RCA/Clip cord
  • RPM Range Stitches/Sec: 0-8,000rpm / 0-130sec
  • Stroke Length: 3.7mm
  • Needle Adjustment: 3.7mm
  • Machine Diameter: 22mm
  • Maximum Needle Size: 27 Magnum
  • Weight: 120 grams with 22mm Aluminium grip
  • Wireless Ready: Yes
  • Dimensions (Diameter*Length): 22x177mm