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FK Irons Spektra Xion S

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Colour: Black
Black version of FK Irons Spektra Xion S
Regular price £639.00 GBP
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FK Irons ups the game for permanent makeup professionals with the Spektra Xion S. Imagine a machine that's like the younger, more vibrant sister of the original Xion, but with a focus on micropigmentation. This beauty is not just about looks; it packs a punch with a 6 Watt MotorBolt, tailored by FK Irons to handle the specific needs of permanent makeup. You get to play around with three adjustable features: stroke length (from 1.8mm to 2.5mm), needle depth, and give, making it a jack-of-all-trades for any PMU style you're into.

Weighing less and fitting comfortably in your hand, the Xion S is a breeze to work with, even during those long, intricate sessions. It's easy to cover for hygiene and boasts a grip that's both autoclavable and compatible with all cartridge needles. Fancy a bit of customization? The secure ratcheting system lets you lock in your preferred needle depth, and the one-turn give dial offers flexibility with needle tension. Whether you're creating subtle eyebrow shades or defining sharp eyeliner, this machine's got your back.

And if you're worried about compatibility, fear not. The seamless grip means you can use it with any cartridge needle out there. It's like the Swiss Army knife of PMU machines – but much cooler to look at.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design for easy handling.
  • Customizable stroke, needle depth, and give for versatile PMU applications.
  • Autoclavable grip compatible with all cartridge needles.
  • Powerful 6W MotorBolt designed for micropigmentation.
  • Secure ratcheting system for precise needle depth adjustment.