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Eternal Ink Hot Pink

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Colour: Pink
Size: 1/2oz
Bottle of Eternal Ink's Hot Pink
Regular price £8.00 GBP
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Eternal Ink's Hot Pink ink ignites any tattoo design with its vivid and striking hue. This shade turns up the heat with a bolder, more vibrant take on the classic pink, infusing each design with an energetic, feminine flair that's hard to miss. Available in various sizes, Eternal Ink ensures that every artist can find the perfect quantity to meet their needs, promoting not only convenience but also minimizing waste.

As with every ink in their lineup, Hot Pink is a testament to Eternal Ink's commitment to safety and quality. Crafted from non-toxic and organic materials, this ink is kind to the skin, offering a safer option for both artist and client. Moreover, Eternal Ink stands out for its dedication to sterilizing inks, a process not all suppliers undertake. This ensures that every bottle of Hot Pink ink is free from contaminants, giving you peace of mind about the cleanliness and safety of the products you use.

Key Features

  • Vibrant, bold hot pink shade
  • Available in a variety of sizes for convenience
  • Non-toxic and organic formulation
  • Sterilized for utmost cleanliness and safety