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Eternal Ink Golden Yellow

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Colour: Yellow
Size: 1/2oz
Bottle of Eternal Ink's Golden Yellow
Regular price £8.00 GBP
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Eternal Ink's Golden Yellow ink brings a vibrant and bold touch to any tattoo, shining with the quality and brilliance of true gold. This selection is not only about its radiant colour but also its top-notch ingredients. Crafted from the finest natural materials, this ink is non-toxic and organic, making it a safe choice for the skin.

To further ensure the safety and comfort of your clients, each batch of Golden Yellow is sterilized using gamma radiation, effectively eliminating any harmful bacteria. Eternal Ink's commitment to quality also means their inks are always fresh, never frozen, so you can trust in the vibrancy and purity of the colour with every use.

Key Features

  • Vibrant, golden yellow colour
  • Long-lasting and bold
  • Non-toxic, organic ingredients
  • Sterilized for safety
  • Always fresh, never frozen