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Eternal Ink Bright Orange

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Size: 1/2oz
Colour: Orange
Bottle of Eternal Ink's Bright Orange
Regular price £8.00 GBP
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Eternal Ink's Bright Orange is a standout shade in their vibrant colour range, striking the perfect balance between boldness and subtlety. This organic pigment ink is favoured for its enduring quality, ensuring that the vividness of the orange stays true on the skin over time, with proper tattoo care.

Unlike some of the more intense primaries, Bright Orange offers a gentler brightness, making it excellent for nuanced blending and covering larger areas without overshadowing the intricate details of your design. Crafted from carefully chosen natural materials, this ink is both organic and non-toxic, aligning with Eternal Ink's commitment to safety and quality.

Key Features

  • Bold yet subtle orange shade
  • Long-lasting colour retention
  • Ideal for blending and large area coverage
  • Made from natural, non-toxic materials
  • Organic pigment ink