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Eternal Ink Blue Concentrate

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Colour: Blue
Size: 1/2oz
Bottle of Eternal Ink's Blue Concentrate
Regular price £8.00 GBP
Regular price £10.00 GBP £8.00 GBP

Eternal Ink's Blue Concentrate Ink stands out as a vivid, deep blue that catches the eye and lasts a lifetime. It's the kind of bold and high-quality colour that tattoo artists love to work with, ensuring the artwork remains stunning on the skin long after the tattoo has healed. Available in various sizes, this ink makes it easy for artists to manage their resources efficiently, helping to cut down on both costs and unnecessary waste.

True to Eternal Ink’s commitment to excellence, the Blue Concentrate Ink is crafted from the finest natural ingredients. This non-toxic, organic pigment ink is as gentle on the skin as it is vibrant in colour. Safety is a top priority, which is why each batch is sterilized using state-of-the-art gamma radiation technology. This meticulous process eliminates any harmful bacteria, significantly reducing the risk of skin reactions or infections post-tattooing, provided proper aftercare steps are followed.

Key Features

  • Bold, long-lasting dark blue shade
  • Made from the best natural, non-toxic ingredients
  • Sterilized with gamma radiation for safety
  • Designed to minimize the risk of reactions and infections