By Electric Dormouse

Electric Dormouse Torpedo for Shading

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Colour: Grey
Alternative view of Electric Dormouse's Torpedo tattoo machine
Regular price £169.00 GBP
Regular price £219.00 GBP £169.00 GBP

Introducing the Torpedo: a shading-focused tattoo machine crafted to handle Round Shader and Magnum needles flawlessly. Ideal for shading work, it offers compatibility with various needle types, ensuring precision and versatility for tattoo artists.


  • Frame; Iron CNC Machining
  • Paint: Cerakote Graphite Black
  • Reels: 8 Wrap
  • Springs: Harmonious Steel C60 0.5
  • Clamps: Brass
  • Screw: Copper
  • Suited for: Shader
  • Needles: 5 - 39 RS-MG
  • Voltage: 6.5 - 8V
  • Weight: 217g