By Electric Dormouse

Electric Dormouse Demon

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Colour: Grey
Angled view of Electric Dormouse's Demon tattoo machine
Regular price £169.00 GBP
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The ideal tool for precise tattoo lining, this coil machine is crafted to accommodate needle groupings ranging from 1RL to 14RL. Its specialised design and construction ensure peak performance, creating consistent and clean lines with exceptional control and accuracy.


  • Frame: Iron CNC Machining
  • Paint: Graphite Black
  • Reels: 8 Wrap
  • Springs: Steel 11R51 0.5
  • Clamps: Brass
  • Screw: Copper
  • Orientation: Liner
  • Needles: 1RL - 14RL
  • Voltage: 6-7V
  • Weight: 202g