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Ecotat Machine & Power Supply Covers x600

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Ecotat power supply cover frontal view
Regular price £18.50 GBP
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Ecotat is here to revolutionize the way you protect your tattoo gear, with their Power Supply Covers leading the charge. Crafted from the good stuff - naturally extracted, plant-based materials - these covers are a big thumbs up for the environment, cutting down on plastic use without cutting corners on quality.

At 140mm x 140mm, these lightweight covers pack a punch in durability, proving they can hang with the plastic crowd without the environmental baggage. With 600 covers in each box, you're all set to shield your equipment from cross contamination and those dreaded liquid spills. It's about keeping your gear safe while keeping the planet in mind.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly, made from plant-based materials
  • 140mm x 140mm size fits most power supplies
  • Lighter yet just as durable as plastic
  • Box of 600 covers for extensive protection
  • Shields against cross contamination and liquid damage