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Ecotat Cartridge Holder Trays x50

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Angled view of Ecotat cartridge holder tray
Regular price £13.00 GBP
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Ecotat is back at it again, making your tattoo sessions greener with their Cartridge Holder Trays. These trays aren't just any trays; they're crafted from plant-based, renewable materials. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to an eco-friendlier workspace. Each pack comes with 50 trays, ensuring you're always prepared to keep your cartridges tidy and ready to go.

Organizing your tattoo cartridges has never been easier or more environmentally responsible. These trays make sure your setup is as clean and efficient as your conscience. Perfect for artists who care about their art and the earth.

Key Features

  • Made from renewable, plant-based materials
  • Eco-friendlier than plastic alternatives
  • Keeps tattoo cartridges organized
  • Perfect for environmentally conscious artists