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Ecotat Biodegradable Rinse Cups

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Size: 60ml
two biodegradable rinse cups
Regular price £3.00 GBP
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Dive into a greener studio setup with Ecotat's Biodegradable Rinse Cups, where every rinse is a step towards sustainability. Crafted from plant-based, renewable materials, these cups challenge their plastic counterparts by offering the same reliability without leaving a mark on Mother Earth. Perfect for the eco-conscious tattoo artist, they demonstrate that your commitment to the planet is as strong as your ink game.

Available in the handy sizes of 60ml and 120ml, each pack delivers 100 cups, ensuring you’re well-stocked for multiple sessions. Whether it's for rinsing tools or offering a sip of water to your clients, these cups serve a dual purpose. Plus, encouraging your clients to use these cups not only reduces their carbon footprint but also boosts your studio's green credentials. So, make the switch to Ecotat's Biodegradable Rinse Cups today and ink your way to a more sustainable practice. After all, who said you couldn’t save the planet while doing what you love?

Key Features

  • Made from plant-based, renewable materials
  • Biodegradable, reducing environmental impact
  • Versatile use in the tattoo studio