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Dynamic Triple White Ink

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Colour: White
Size: 1oz

Dynamic Triple White Tattoo Ink amplifies the intensity of white in your tattoos, offering unmatched brightness straight from the bottle. It’s the ideal choice for vibrant highlights, striking white accents, or filling larger areas with a pure, standout white. With a viscosity that strikes the perfect balance between spreadability and concentration, Triple White is versatile for both delicate work and bold, white-filled designs.

A favorite among tattoo artists globally, Dynamic Inks are celebrated for their premium quality, ensuring bold, long-lasting colors that maintain their tone after healing. Triple White continues this tradition, guaranteeing your white ink tattoos pop with exceptional vibrancy and staying power.

Key Features

  • More concentrated than the original Dynamic White for maximum brightness
  • Ideal for highlights, white accents, and large white areas
  • Balanced viscosity for versatile application
  • Renowned for easy skin application and lasting healed tones
  • Part of Dynamic's premium range of tattoo inks known for bold, enduring colours