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Dynamic Grey Wash Set

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Colour: Grey

Dynamic introduces its eagerly awaited Grey Wash Set, meticulously crafted from the original black formula that artists have trusted for years. This set is the culmination of extensive research and feedback from black and grey tattoo specialists, delivering the perfect four-bottle collection for creating nuanced shades and depths.

The heart of this set lies in its foundation - the #00 Mixing Solution, made with the purest hospital-grade water. This water undergoes a rigorous process of filtration, distillation, and UV sterilization right in Dynamic's facility, guaranteeing unmatched purity. Enhanced with witch hazel, this solution not only smoothens your ink flow but also offers a comforting sensation to your clients, making the tattooing experience as pleasant as possible.

Included in the Grey Wash Set

  • #00, the ultra-pure mixing solution for customizing even more precise shades.
  • #20, the lightest wash, providing a subtle and thin shade for soft transitions.
  • #40, a smooth light-mid tone wash perfect for adding depth.
  • #60, a medium toned wash that's both deep and silky, ideal for mid-range detailing.
  • #80, the set’s darkest wash, offering a deep, full-bodied shade for impactful shadows and contrasts.

Key Features

  • Crafted from Dynamic’s trusted original black formula
  • Four distinct shades for nuanced black and grey work
  • #00 Mixing Solution made with the purest hospital-grade water and witch hazel
  • Ensures smooth ink flow and client comfort
  • Ideal for artists specializing in black and grey tattoos