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Cheyenne HAWK Pen

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Colour: Black
Cheyenne Hawk tattoo pan standing vertically
Regular price £599.00 GBP
Regular price £719.00 GBP £599.00 GBP

Cheyenne's HAWK Pen revolutionises the tattoo industry by blending the worlds of sketching and inking into one. This pen-like tattoo machine offers artists the freedom to express their creativity without the constraints of traditional equipment. Its award-winning design, mimicking a conventional pen, offers unprecedented movement freedom, making it a game-changer for professionals seeking precision and comfort.

The HAWK Pen stands out for its significantly reduced vibration and noise levels compared to other machines, ensuring a smoother tattooing experience for both artist and client. With a stroke length of 3.5 mm, it's versatile enough for detailed lining and effective shading. The Pen's responsive mode adjusts the hit and stitch frequency to your hand's pressure, providing an intuitive tattooing experience that mirrors the sensitivity of hand-drawing.

Customisation is key with the HAWK Pen. It supports two different grip sizes (S and M) and is compatible with Cheyenne's Disposable Grips, which come in three sizes for optimal hygiene and grip security. The needle depth is easily adjustable, allowing for precise control over your work.

Connectivity is also a highlight, with a rotating jack connection that maximises freedom of movement. A specially designed jack cage protects the connection, ensuring durability and reliability. The pen's design includes a roll inhibition feature, preventing it from rolling off surfaces, and it's exceptionally easy to cover for hygiene purposes.


  • Operating Voltage: 6-12.6V
  • Stitch Frequency: 60-160Hz
  • Stroke length: 3.5mm
  • Drive: Precision DC Motor
  • Operating Mode: Continuous
  • Dmiensions DxL: 25.4x123mm
  • Weight: ~130g