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Cheyenne HAWK Spirit Motor

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Colour: Black
Cheyenne's Hawk Spirit tattoo machine in an angled view
Regular price £309.00 GBP
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Cheyenne, a pioneer in the tattoo industry, shook things up in 2007 by reinventing the rotary machine with the introduction of the HAWK. Fast forward to today, and the HAWK Spirit, alongside its sibling the HAWK Thunder, stands tall as a go-to choice for tattoo artists globally. Known for its unbeatable balance between cost and performance, the Cheyenne HAWK pen is not just another tattoo machine; it's a game changer.

Why do artists lean towards the HAWK Spirit? It's simple. Its lightweight design and minimal vibrations mean you can tattoo for hours on end without feeling weighed down or tired. This feature is crucial for artists who thrive on precision and detail in their work. Plus, the HAWK Spirit's 2.5 mm stroke is spot-on for both lining and packing in color.

But there's more to the Cheyenne HAWK machine than endurance. Its perfect for soft shading and filling, thanks to its responsive mode, which adjusts the hit and stitch frequency based on the task at hand. Artists can also tweak the machine with two different sizes of HAWK grips for a custom feel, and an adjustable needle depth ensures total control over every piece.

The HAWK Spirit connects via a flexible jack connection, enhancing your freedom to move as you create. And, with a nod to safety and quality, it's made to medical standards in Germany, ensuring that you're working with top-tier equipment.


  • Operating Voltage: 5-12V
  • Stitch Frequency: 70-160Hz
  • Stroke: 2.5mm
  • Connection: 3.5mm Jack
  • Drive: Precision DC Motor
  • Operating Mode: Continuous operation
  • Dimensions LWD: 110x75x28mm
  • Weight: ~90g