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InkMachines TPS-500 X2 Power Supply

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TPS Holder: Yes
Colour: Black

Built with the latest BLE technology with long range antenna, multi colour touch panel and graphical display. 

The TPS-500 system can be customized to suit your needs and combine your tattoo machines whether it’s a Cobra, Scorpion, Dragonfly, Stingray or a coil machine.

Key Features

  • Versatile Modular System Allows Replacement of Charger Bay and Battery Types
  • Compact Travel Size, No Need for External Power Adapter
  • Wireless Powerpacks Available for All InkMachines Tattoo Machines
  • Offers a Wireless Foot Switch Option
  • Neorail with Stand Compatible with Neo-Cartridges and Scorpion
  • Hygienic and Ergonomic Design, Eliminates the Need for a Cable to Machine Connection
  • User-Friendly LCD Display with an Easy-to-Use Interface
  • High-Capacity Batteries Ideal for Demanding Sessions
  • Simultaneous Charging for Up to 5 Units via Charger Bay
  • Built-in Kick Start Ensures Startup at Low Voltage (not required for Scorpion)
  • Boost Mode Provides Additional Power and Torque as Needed
  • Compatible with Regular Coil and Rotary Machines via Cord
  • Smartphone App Integration Enabled


  • Output: 5-13V
  • Compatibility via Cable: Various Machines and Foot Switches
  • Connections: 1⁄4 phono (6.35mm)
  • LCD Display: 55x14mm
  • Powerpack Weight: 65-80g
  • Powerpack Capacity: Approximately 6-10 hours
  • Powerpack Battery Life: 500 Full Charging Cycles
  • Powerpack Compatibility: Scorpion/Dragonfly/Stingray
  • Powerpack Charging Time: Approximately 90 minutes
  • USB-C: Yes
  • Operating Temperature: 10-35°C (Indoor Use Only)
  • Main Unit Dimensions: 78x107x35mm